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UK to USA Marketing

Market Links is offering a unique service for marketing your company's products and services in the USA.


Marketing and distribution is vital to the growth of any business. The size of the market can be a limiting factor. We can provide the vehicle for your business no matter how small or large, to open up a whole new marketplace and distribute your products to the USA. 

Approach Our initial approach is to stay focussed on your trading sector and initially develop your position by marketing your website. Our flexibility, resourcefulness and experience mean we can provide a range of practical methods to assist you to develop your position in the United States.

We will utilise our offices in New York to provide a Manhattan address for your company.


Methods We can use many methods to promote your business. You can build your personal marketing package by selecting the methods that best suit your company and product. Methods include improving the visibility of your website through website optimisation, advertising in relevant publications, distribution of company literature, promotional campaigns and emailing campaigns.


Professionalism We will strive to act at all times in a professional and ethical manner and we will respect your practices, the confidences of you and your staff.


Continuous learning We are committed to ongoing learning & development. Business never stands still and in order to deliver real value to your organisation we aim to be aware of and open to, new and better ways of working.




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